Passenger List of the Prince of Wales – Currin family

This the ship that our ancestors arrived in from England.
Prince of Wales
Ship: 582 tons
Captain: Alexander Alexander
Surgeon Superintendent: Matthew Doyle Kearns
Sailed London 2nd September 1842 – arrived Nelson 31st December 1842

………..Princes of Wales, arrived at Nelson on December 22, 1842, in command of Captain Alexander, and landed 203 immigrants, the voyage occupying 110 days – a very good passage for a vessel of 582 tons. During this year no less than nineteen ships, nearly all bearing passengers, arrived at Nelson.
White Wings – Sir Henry BrettName Age Proffesion
Cabin Passengers
Barr Margaret 23 Lady
Barr Mr 22 Gentleman
Davison Mrs Constance Lady
Fisher Mr 30 Gentleman
Gould Mr 30 Gentleman
Heaphy Charles 18 Surveyor
Heath Mr 18 Gentleman
Hort Abraham 40 Gentleman for Wellington
Mrs 45
Miss 28 Lady
Miss 21 Lady
Miss 18 Lady
Miss 17 Lady
Miss 16 Lady
Hort/Horton/Morton? Jane 18 Lady
Johnston John 25 Gentleman
Mrs 25
Johnston Robert 33 Gentleman
Mrs 31
Kearns Matthew Doyle Surgeon on Board
Kelly Mrs Lady
Marsden Thomas 30 Gentleman
Mrs 31
Marshall Mr 22 Gentleman
Russell Mr 19 Gentleman
Saunders Mr 22 Gentleman
Sharp Mr 21 Gentleman
Skipworth Mr 24 Gentleman
Thoms Captain Thomas 32 Gentleman
Mrs 33
Thomas Joseph 18 Gentleman
Thorburn Mr 28 Gentleman
Walker Penelope 18 Lady
Wilkinson Mr Gentleman
Female child
Steerage Passengers
Arnold John 25 Carpenter & Joiner
Harriett 25
Son Born and died on board
Brennan Joseph 22 Tailor
Mary 21
Bullard William 34 Labourer
Jane 30
Male 11
Female twins Infants
Bungate James 25 Farm Labourer
Catherine 19
Campbell Stewart 26 Agricultural Labourer
Catherine 24
Chapman Thomas 46 Agricultural Labourer
Mary Ann 43
Ann 21 Servant
James 17 Labourer
John 15 Labourer
George 12
Caroline 8
Thomas 5 Died at sea
Mary Ann Infant Died at sea
Coleman Bryan 30 Carpenter
Mary 29
Currin John 51 Labourer
Ann 42
John Jnr 18 Labourer & Gardener
Sarah 15 Servant
Thomas 11
George T. 2
Dew Emanuel 34 Gardener
Maria 33
Charlotte 8
David 7
Sabina 4
Henry 2
Dewar Mary 18 Domestic Servant
Dove James 22 Agricultural Labourer
Dwyer Cornelius 45 Agricultural Labourer
Mary 34
Margaret 17 Dairywoman
John 14 Ploughboy
William 14 Agricultural Labourer
Patrick 12
Cornelius 10
Peter 8
James 3
Feeny Edward 28 Plasterer
Alice 26
Thomas 3
Edward Infant
Franklin Robert F. 28 Baker
Elizabeth 19
Gledhill James M. 28 Farm Labourer
Died on board
Ellen 28
Susanna 8
Elizabeth 7
Ann 1 Died on board
Hemming Henry 32 Butcher
Elizabeth 28
Sarah 3
Ann Infant
Hewett John 35 Currier & Farmer
Caroline 31
Vincent 11
Clara 10
Sarah Ann Infant Died at sea
Horn James P. 24 Carpenter
Sarah N. 19
Female 1
Female Born on board 01/09/1842
Hoult Joseph 34 Bricklayer
Rhoda 30
Elizabeth 11
Joseph 9
Samuel 7
Mary 3
Edward Infant
Howell James 33 Carpenter & Joiner
Mary 32
Howell Thomas 29 Carpenter & Joiner
Eliza 29
Hurley Maurice 35 Agricultural Labourer
Margaret 36
Maurice 3
Isaacs David 21 Shoemaker
Jessop William 37 Mason & Bricklayer
Mary 34
Leah 15 Servant
Sarah 11
Thomas 9
Mary Ann 5
Eliza 3
William Infant Died at sea
Kidson John 30 Joiner
Sarah 23
Emma 2
George Infant
King Ezekiel 26 Shoemaker
Elizabeth 25
Harriet 3
Sarah 1
McLean Archibald 23 Blacksmith
Catherine 23
Elizabeth 11
Archibald Infant
Marchant Thomas 44 Farmer
Mullin Ann 34 Servant
Mullin Michael 30 Labourer
Mullin Richard 28 Labourer
Noden John 26 Agricultural Labourer
Ann 19
Rae Thomas 35 Farm Labourer
Agnes 30 Died at sea
William 12
Elizabeth 10
Margaret 7
Robert 4
Reardon Michael 22 Labourer
Johanna 21
Margaret 1
John 1 month
Reeves Abel 24 Carpenter & Wheelwright
Died at sea
Elizabeth 29
Rose James 26 Blacksmith
Deborah 28
John Infant
Shipley Matthew 31 Labourer
Jane 38
William 6 Died at sea
John Infant Died at sea
Stagg Charles 23 Agricultural Labourer & Shepherd
Sarah 22
William Infant Died at sea
Stanton Edward 25 Bricklayer
Catherine 22
Child Born and died at sea
Stone Samuel 26 Blacksmith
Sarah 25
Elizabeth 5
Samuel Infant
Taylor Robert 36 Engineer & Wheelwright
Elizabeth 34
David 11
Elizabeth 4
Robert 1
Turner Henry 25 Sawyer
Harriett 23
Mary Ann 4
Harriett 2
Child Stillborn
Wainwright Edward 32
Hannah 25
William 8
James 5
Mary Ann Infant Died at sea
Williams Thomas 24
Wratten James 27
Elizabeth 19

James WRATTEN was baptised on 27 SEP 1812 in St Martin’s Church, Detling Kent one of the sons of William WRATTEN and Charlotte GRIGSBY. He married Elizabeth CHAPMAN, then a minor, daughter of Thomas CHAPMAN at Detling on 13 JUL 1842 just prior to emigrating to New Zealand with her family on the Prince of Wales. James is said to have become a successful apple grower in New Zealand.

CURRIN Family:
John Currin originated from Northamptonshire, England and travelled from London to Nelson in 1842 on the Prince of Wales, with his Father, Mother, Two Brothers and Two Sisters (one who was already married). Approx four years later John Currin married Jane Mears from Stafford, England. Settling in Waimea South, Nelson, New Zealand 13 to 14 children were born to this family between the years 1849 and 1872. One of the children Sarah Jane Currin married George B Galland, in 1874. This is my line and if you are interested in contacting me please e-mail Karyn Windsor

Copyright Denise & Peter 1999 – 2004

Archives New Zealand NZC 34/2 p 417


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